Years in Gaming – The Setup

So, what is this series going to be about? Basically, I want to look at what was going on in the years that I was gaming, besides the games and systems that I had and played and look at events that I have probably missed. Especially in the earlier years, since the internet wasn’t really a thing at the time and my look into the whole gaming world was limited to some gaming magazines that I bought and read.

The earliest games I played up to now where released in 1990, so that is where the series starts, going year by year until it reaches the current one.

For each of the years I am going to try and look at the games, systems/hardware and significant events of each year and gather my thoughts on them. Depending on how much happened in a particular year, some posts may be rather long or relatively short, in any case I look forward to finding out new things and maybe helping the reader do so, too.

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