WordPress Gutenberg – First Impression: Terrible!

So since WordPress 4.9.8 has a popup encouraging users to try out the new Gutenberg editor, I thought “what the heck” and did so.

But as you can guess from the post title, it didn’t go well. How badly did it go, you ask? Well for starters I could not even create a simple post without it throwing me a completely generic error message! The example post they probably intended to show the diverse featureset of Gutenberg is FULL of the same generic error message for me, as well.

I could not even add a simple “Paragraph” block to my post without it throwing the “This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed” error my way, before I could even add some basic text besides the post title.

Great job, guys… if this is going to be the average experience of a user that has his own WordPress installation once Gutenberg becomes mandatory, get ready for some negative feedback…

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