Where has Reso been?

Far be it from me to break the 4th wall and address myself but given how I came on to this blog claiming to have some writing chops and I haven’t written anything in well over a few months. Even I have to start asking myself “What the hell happened?!” Boy oh boy is that something to behold, atlas despite this I have some stuff to tell you guys what I hope is the future for all the things that have been revolving around me as of late. Strap in and prepare this is gonna be absolute trainwreck!


If you follow our remarkable Podcast you should know is (If not check it out here), I have been finding myself more and more diving into games than ever before. Surprising many people these last few months have been the first time in years that I have ever come so close to feeling like my old self. I don’t just mean “oh work has me busy therefore I can’t play games like I used to” I mean literal years of not picking up a game to play yet still buying new releases and never actually playing them. I had chalked it up to depression for years but it turns out I am just wired weird, I had a breakthrough with Final Fantasy VII, then XV, and even VI and then it hit me like a train.


Not exactly what I was expecting but turns out I focus super hard on gaming during the evening hours. Not sure why my body or mind works that way but it does, what matters most is that I know it now. Honestly, I can’t say I was too surprised by this realization, given the fact I am at a heart a night owl, something that continues to conflict with my daily work schedule since moving out.  It was an odd revelation to make about myself but whatever this is about me, it has got back to gaming pretty hardcore as of late in many areas of my life, and that has been a blast, to say the least (now just gotta stick with it)

Speaking of gaming related. I have a Youtube channel that I have been posting to most days, at the moment it’s gaming playthroughs with my own lovely, commentary and my somewhat terrible sense of humor but I am planning on expanding to something more with me on camera talking and covering stuff that I personally find interesting in the gaming sphere. Needless to say, I have a lot to talk about once I get all the things I need to make this happen I am sure my enjoyment will be tenfold to finally be able to fully create what I want the way I see it in my head. From collecting to some more technical nonsense I deal with on a regular basis, I am hoping to expand a bit as I go and as I get more comfortable. Time will only tell as we go. Speaking of collecting, oh man, I really want to talk about how good my luck has been. I am fairly sure I’ve mentioned a few things on the Podcast concerning my interest in collecting. Currently, my focus has been on PS1 games primarily, due to the fact that many of the games I want for that platform wouldn’t be nearly as pricey as they have been for other consoles like SNES. I am happy to report that the list of games for PS1 that I am hunting for has shrunken greatly over the past few weeks because of a great spout of good luck. So who knows given some more time I may actually have everything I’ve ever wanted for PS1 (Someday, Someday)

The last item I feel the need to talk about is my presence on this lovely blog. I am a smart guy but I often find myself sticking inside of some sort of mental box when it comes to what I should and shouldn’t do. I admit it, it’s totally my fault, you would think if someone tells me to “Write whatever you want, be free, you have the power” Id go crazy but then this happens and you don’t see me for literally weeks on end. No more my friends! No more indeed! Between gaming, work, and my other interests, I can and will do more to fit more time into writing some more casual pieces about things that interest me. Heaven knows the only needs one Colddeath. Not sure why I have struggled with this, probably because I like to keep things nice and neat in my mind about where and how things fit, and I am not too used to being told “say what you want!”. Now that I can say that has sunk in, I think the future for myself, and my writing will at the start to take root far better than it ever has.

Cheers to a brighter darkness!

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  1. Huh…this reminds me a whole lot of myself.
    While i did play pretty much everything i bought, actually finishing it was a rare occasion. No matter how short a game it was.
    The last two games i finished were Xenoblade 2 and DMC5. And frankly. those are two that actually managed to hook me in completely as well.
    In general, i simply lack the attention span these days…
    And ironically, it also was a Final Fantasy titel that got me back into the “dedicated gaming headspace” as well: The Switch rerelease of FF XII.

    Maybe we’re not “wired weird”, maybe it’s just the sheer overstimulation by the industry itself.
    Retro games are kept relevant, new releases pour in like a tropical rainstorm, we’re at the brink of another console generation change, the “platform wars of yore” found their way onto the PC, gaming culture has become a political minefield… Maybe all of this caused us to forget “how to play videogames”?
    To just get a game, sit down, ignore everything else and just enjoy ourselves.

    Anyways, glad to hear that you found your mojo 🙂

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