Welcome Home, Our Wayward Son

The building is empty, the lights are off, the furniture is covered in plastic and everything is covered in plastic. At some point, the place was filled with life and happiness but those days have gone. The only sound that can be heard now is the deafening sound of absolute silence. But to the surprise of everyone, the lights suddenly spark to life and a sudden jolt of life to that old and dusty place we used to call home. So when I say this, I hope every single person that reads this understands that I mean it with every fiber of my spirit.

It’s good to be back.

So enough of the theatrics (though I love them oh so very much), let’s talk about what the hell has happened to me over the span of the last few years since the last time I sat down at a keyboard and was motivated to write something and actually finish it. Believe me, it’s one of hell of a story. To start, this little thing called Covid happened, maybe you missed it? It actually was a semi-big deal because, for a solid 2 years straight, people used it as an excuse to act like giant manchildren all in the name of liberty and freedom but hey live your life, or fuck it up that’s your choice, god knows I make tons of bad choices overall. Speaking of bad choices, I have taken on more work than I ever would have expected in my life.

Did you know I make Youtube videos? Like, a lot of them? Like a metric shit ton of them? Up to like 4 times a week? (There, my stupid insert plug is done), For real though having been out of the game of video and content creation since 2010 it felt really good to be back into it now, it has also done wonders for me actually playing and completing games. Like actually seeing the end of the of games is a brand new thing for me than it used to be. Did you know I played Final Fantasy X (Late of course) but never actually beat it? Like I got to Zanarkand and for some reason just STOPPED playing the fucking game and every attempt to play the game after never got remotely close. Until the year of our lord 2022, where I am dumb enough to play the international version and complete it to the fullest. And guess what? I am on track to do that! I am even grinding my way through Persona 5 Royal (100%), and Chrono Trigger! Yeah turns out Youtube is a lot of work when you give yourself such lofty goals.

To date, I am happy to say my channel has seen nearly 25 games completed since 2019.

The other venture that has taken my time quite heavily from me is my Podcast, well technically my SECOND podcast. Turns out that redesigning podcast from the top down, with a new direction and branding, a shorter length and a more focused outlook really does affect the workflow. Probably doesn’t help that the show is turned around the same day it’s recorded which is quite the effort for me to commit to. But that’s like the whole jist of the point, isn’t it? You can’t have anything worth while let alone worth having if you aren’t willing to commit to it completely. Yes, every Sunday, I have to make a real effort to not only make the show fun for myself but also make sure the show goes up the same day on all Podcasting platforms, and somehow keep the flow of my own channel on track? Jesus Christ. I genuinely think my friends are both the greatest influence and the worst influence, but I feel like If I wasn’t working as hard as I was, I’d be bored as all hell.

This brings me to the whole point of me writing this damn tirade and self-promotion. I am committing to writing 1 thing a week, every week for 6 months. Because screw it, I am here to work, and I think this would be a great time for me to really step up my creative juices!

So, expect to see something from me every single Friday (Unless Inventory comes along and ruins my streak for upwards of 3 weeks, can’t imagine how that would ever happen). Come hell or high water.
The son has returned.

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