Thoughts on WordPress 5.0 / Gutenberg and Public Information (or rather lack thereof)

I have been using WordPress for quite some time now, since it’s easy to setup and nicely customizable through lots of plugins and themes. Something that hasn’t changed for a while is the post editor and that’s about to be replaced in WordPress 5.0 with the Gutenberg editor.

As this change in WordPress 5.0 is always mentioned as a “big thing”, almost revolutionary, I am really wondering why there is so little information on 5.0, when we can expect it, how far along it is, what can be expected to break… or really ANYTHING.

Some pages mention April or May as potential release months, yet on the WordPress pages themselves… just about NOTHING. The “core” page for the 5.0 development cycle has pretty much all dates (Betas, Release Candidate, etc.) as “TBD” and the Roadmap page still only shows a generic “2018“ as the planned release target. For such a hugely popular platform this is really abysmal, I have to say.

Sure, If I would contact someone at WP, they could likely give me some answers, heck, I did find some information going around to other sites via online searches… but the thing is: that really should not be necessary! This is like a soccer trainer putting his team on the field, telling no one the game plan and expecting the team to play like that, if you’ll excuse the comparison.

I am kind of lucky since I don’t use that many plugins on my blog and most are likely popular ones, i.e. either directly compatible already or will be shortly after 5.0 releases.

But I would imagine that a lot of sites aren’t that lucky and will have to be careful when the time comes. Not exactly the way something like this should be handled, in my opinion at least.

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