The Console I Could Never Put Down

My childhood

   Whenever I think of Nintendo, I don’t often think of the NES, SNES, or even N64. My mind tends to go to the Gameboy Color,

That lovely little plastic brick (or in my case see thru purple brick)  that was home to many amazing games. Dragon quest 3, a plethora of Pokemon games, and a decent amount of other titles that I have only recently been able to go back and revisit over the past few months. Which lead to me getting a DS, and even a 3DS with such an amazing variety and stunning quality of games that I will probably go back to over and over far more than most console games. That sums up a lot of my life with Nintendo,I have never been quite as enthralled, or enamored with them as I have been with their handhelds over the years. This has caused myself to think more inward about Nintendo. Here I sit with a soda at my side wondering whether Nintendo has been a handheld maker for me.

 Often times when I think about why the handheld side of Nintendo kept my attention far better than any of their home console outings, I found it incredibly easy to say “because its portable, I could play it more on the go obviously”. Look I could take comic books on the go, I could take music on the go, and I certainly didn’t use them nearly as much a GBA or a DS. During my younger years in school, I spent most of my time reading, by the time I hit the senior year I was reading well over a book and a half a week and that was considered my slow times.  When I say I had plenty of options for spending my time I mean it. And like the sun setting, I would find myself attached to my Nintendo handheld for days completely sucked it. I had consoles, I had multi disc RPGs for the PlayStation that I could sink my teeth into when I was at home, but the first choice I always made was that tiny Gameboy.

 Then along came the Switch. The portable, yet home console system that has tapped into that odd part of my brain where I have just as much desire to play it in the lunch room at work, as do sitting on the couch, or being forced to go to family events. Somehow this console hits every possible right button with me while simultaneously hitting all the wrong buttons. A console that gives me the kind of games that beg for me to spend hours on in any situation, in almost any context should be amazing. Role Playing games that give me so much to sink my teeth into that I should be logging most of my life away playing them no matter where I am. Yet I still tend to play my Switch in normal home setting despite the options and choices. Given the world over all, and I only want the block.

 Ever asked why yourself why their are sections of Pokemon gamers who insist that Generation 1 is the best generation and will fight you till the day is over?  


I love playing video games on the go, but I also have to admit that if I am on the go I am not trying to completely dedicate myself to an experience that would be more enjoyable on my couch. I adore a good RPG but I probably won’t be able to focus in on something like Dragon Quest XI super well when I am sitting in the back of a bus. I am more than happy to admit that maybe the point flew over my head when it comes to the Switch. Maybe these kind of experiences are meant to be taken less seriously than how someone would if they were just sitting at home . Sadly that is nearly impossible for me. The kind of games dictate how I play them, not so much the console. It’s the same reason why a game like Final Fantasy IX is a couch game, but Diablo 3 is totally a portable game. One demands my attention while the other can easily be enjoyed for a solid 10 minutes and not feel like I am cutting myself short.

The big cherry on top is the one detail I use less than I ever imagined. I have to ask myself, Am I doing this wrong?

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  1. “I have to ask myself, Am I doing this wrong?”
    If you ask me, quite the opposite. You understood the switch perfectly well. It can be a handheld system, it can be a home console, it can be both and it doesn’t have to be neither.

    “The kind of games dictate how I play them, not so much the console.”
    And the Switch allows you to pick whatever feels appropriate. Handheld, TV, Tabletop (think travel TV), loose JoyCon, JoyCon Controller, Pro Controller.
    I have plenty games i prefer in a different setup. Okami, while offering a control scheme for any given combination, is a definite TV+Loose JoyCon game for me. It just feels best.
    Games like Diablo 3, Smash or the plethora of Shmups? Whatever, they just work with everything!

    I think this “pick and choose” attitude isn’t “doing it wrong” but in fact, doing it especially right.
    Now the game *can* dictate how you play it. It has been a deciding factor in buying multuplat titles pretty often now.
    60FPS, 4K, Cheevos etc. on PC? Meh, sod it, Switch Version it is, i can play that in Bed.

    1. Resobaso says:

      Woof, you have me pegged, I often times observe the world around me and see that for the majority of cases I witness so many people tend to be so tied to using it handheld.

      So yeah when I look at myself and realize that barring a handful of games ( and I mean a small handful) I am very much a sit on a chair or couch and play kinda guy I do ask myself “Do I have this right? Am I in fact missing the point?” Because to some degree even I have to wonder, if I am willing to play 300 Dollars for this console. I should at the very least be using it fully.

      Is their truly a WRONG way to use the console? EH, Barring sticking the joycons in fudge and using the tablet as a cup coaster, I can’t imagine so.

      Thank you for the feedback! (Sorry for the delay, day at work and all)

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