Star Trek: Discovery – First Impressions

So, after seeing the first two episodes of this new series and hearing a few impressions other people have had on the series introduction, I thought I’d try to sum up my thoughts on it as well.

To put it into a few words, I’ll let Krusty speak:

Careful, spoilers ahead!

I don’t think I’ll list up every point that bothered me, cause the more I think / read about it, the longer that list becomes…

From the Star Trek material that I have watched in the past, TNG was my favorite (though I haven’t watched much of DS9 yet) and I haven’t seen anything from the original series besides some of the movies. Enterprise, I haven’t seen at all, but from what I heard I haven’t missed much there. As the series is set before the original series, I definitely haven’t caught all instances that don’t quite match together, but some things (like the space suit or the long-range mind meld) did stick out like a sore thumb.

Overall the two episodes didn’t give me a feeling of “this is a new Trek series”, but MUCH more a “I am a new generic action-y sci-fi series with Trek names and references”. There was a lot of focus on one person instead of the ship crew, but many of them die anyway… so it doesn’t really matter that we don’t know them.

Speaking of “generic action”, the overall setup for the series reeks of that to me as well… “Person X causes a mission failure and gets their commanding officer / crew killed, is sent to prison, person Y of authority needs X for reasons, new mission begins”. Not exactly what I’d be looking for in a Star Trek series as a starter.

The characters themselves mostly didn’t have much in terms of character development or even character in the first place, which is kind of the antithesis of what I would expect in a Star Trek series.  Another thing is the tone of the episodes, the series starts out rather dramatic and dark, with only the small bit at the very beginning having some lighter mood in it. And the preview for the plot at the end of the second episode didn’t make the impression that this was about to change.

To mention positives (what little there was in my opinion…), the effects budget is very noticeable, everything looks great and the acting is solid, even if that doesn’t save the rest.

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