So, About The Switch

Believe it or not, I have spent the better part of 4 days thinking about what I want to write versus what I have already written. This was a mistake, you see I was under the weird and very uninformed assumption that I had written far more than I had thought. Turns out when I logged into my account to check and see all the lovely things I had creatively spewed out from my fingers, I was not only wrong, I was horrified to realize that I had written less than HALF of the things I thought I had. With a bit of investigation, I also remembered and realized that almost every single thing I had thought of had ended up a barely started, or never finished Draft on Google Docs forgotten and never touched again by my easily distracted goal-oriented yet averse brain. So here I am sitting down at my laptop click-clacking away realizing how little I had actually gotten down and how much this show, this venture, was really never about me. Truly a humbling moment.

So, About the Nintendo Switch.

Turns out, I love this console a great deal more than I figured I ever would. All it took was a remaster of Wii Game, and me spending money I probably could have held on to. That sounds like me. During the holiday season around the time of Pokemon Sword and Shield, I had more money than sense burning a hole in my pocket and there was a special edition Nintendo Switch Lite available to buy, and on a whim I bought it. And for about 6 months it sat there unused. Until I decided that I was dumb enough to do Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition on my Youtube Channel. The amount of progress I could make when I was home wasn’t enough. And for all my efforts the normal Switch caused my hand to cramp up like crazy, but MAN the Switch Lite really fixed that for me, suddenly I was putting dozens more hours into the game. Turns out the Switch was a fantastic idea that maybe I just didn’t decide to use as a tool for my creating.

Honestly, I am surprised it took me having two Switches for me to really appreciate the console for what it was. And to be completely honest I probably would change a single choice no matter how absurd many of you will find this to be. Because let us be realistic, I have been basically buying games twice when it comes to Switch Based RPGs, Once physical and once Digital solely for the purpose of being able to have my digital copy with me at all times, and keeping my physical copy in my home Switch, this is all brought together solely because Cloud Saves are a thing on Nintendo (Putting aside the fact that my workflow basically requires me to pay for a sub to keep that feature going ) But by and large, being able to take my gameplay and my work with me anywhere is certainly something I appreciate.

So why the hell have I sat here and told you all of this? Because one of the first pieces I ever wrote on this website was about how I didn’t see the Switch being my cup of tea when it came to big time-consuming RPGs. Turns out I was not only wrong, but I had my entire life and YouTube hobby changed by the console. Looking back I am more surprised by my opinion on the matter, looking at it, it seems my general view was that the best kind of games for me were smaller games and more pick-up and play games. Turns out, any game could be “Pick up and play if you try hard enough”. I suppose this shouldn’t be all that surprising considering average RPGs I play on the channel can have playtime anywhere from 50 to nearly 100 hours on average. So here we are in 2022, I am still double purchasing RPGs and I am putting in literally dozens of hours into these games. A HALF of any of the games I do on my channel are Switch games.

Needless to say, I am a handheld gamer, and the Switch scratches that itch.

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