Short Review – Justice League Dark (Animated Movie)

Recently I watched Justice League Dark, an animated DC movie, released February 2017.

The Justice League calls in the help of John Constantine and a few other supernatural heroes to help with solving a problem that seems to have magical origins. People all over the world are going crazy seeing demons in other people, hurting or even killing them.

As I didn’t know the comic origins of Justice League Dark, I was surprised that Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman and Jason Blood / Etrigan had the leading roles in this movie. The only regular JL member with a significant amount of screen time was Batman.

For me this didn’t really turn out to be a negative though, I thought that the characters were pretty well done and it was something fresh. As someone with little knowledge on the main characters, I thought the movie served well as an introduction to them, even hinting at some things in their past (if not outright showing them), making you interested in learning more about them. Pacing-wise the overall story flowed well, no part of the movie really felt rushed or dragged out. The only kind of negative part was that Batman’s role was mostly passive apart from some bits of fighting. Still got some chuckles out of his reactions, though.

Animation was pretty good and there are some nice action scenes.

Overall, I can recommend this movie. If you are a DC fan it’ll potentially introduce you to some characters that haven’t seen much love in the animated/live-action move/series so far.

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