Series Re-Watch: Columbo Season 8


Fans had to wait a long time for new episodes after season 7, as this one started airing almost 11 years later. Despite only being 4 episodes short, the season was a nice return to the series, with interesting cases/killers.

Columbo’s dog makes a short appearance in one of the episodes, but it’s only for one scene. In the opening credits of the third episode I noticed a familiar name, Peter Jurasik (some might know him from Babylon 5), though he didn’t play a big role here. Unusually for the series, Columbo himself gets to the victim’s dead body before anyone else in the first episode.

Not much more to be said about it, except maybe that I had to get used to a new voice actor for Columbo in the German dub (at least in the version of the episodes that I have, over the whole German airing of the series, there were 5 different voice actors used in the dub). Not that the dub did a bad job, Columbo just sounded noticeably different (though he might have a bit in the original too, given that a few years went by between the seasons)

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