Series Re-Watch: Columbo Season 7


A very diverse season, very enjoyable.

It starts out strong with an episode that on the one hand has a very sympathetic killer and on the other hand the final clues for the solution of the case were very fitting for the theme episode. With the second episode I very strongly recommend not watching it on an empty stomach! As the victim was the owner of a restaurant and Columbo has to investigate in that setting, you get to see him eat a pretty nice variety of meals.

The most creative murder this season would be the 4th episode I would think. Training dogs to react to the phone ringing in combination with the word “Rosebud” as the attack word definitely beats your usual gun or blunt object, no?

Columbo’s driving style does get him in a bit of trouble in the third episode, as a police vehicle crashes into his car and he has to wear a neck brace during a portion of the episode.

While not quite as creative, the last episode of the season was a good ending point (we do see Columbo a bit drunk and engaged in a limerick contest).

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