Series Re-Watch: Columbo Season 1

Columbo is one of those series that I love to re-watch every few years or so, I just don’t get tired of it. The concept is great, the characters are well-written and the time period it was created in (the first pilot episode came out in 68) means the whole thing looks and feels very different to where we are now (the cars, house interiors, clothing, the tech, the mannerisms… pretty much everything).

At the time of writing this, I am mostly done with Season 2 again, figured I’d write a short post for each season.

The pilot episodes definitely show their “pilot” characteristic, things are pretty different in terms of style to even the regular episodes of the first season. Columbo is more sharply dressed, is shown to be much more verbally aggressive in a few scenes, the first pilot episode has a different “intro” sequence (shows the credits in front of something that reminds me of Rorschach tests, fitting with the murderer being a psychiatrist). But the basics are pretty much there.

Overall the first season is still enjoyable, the murder cases are nice and pretty diverse in terms of scenario, though I notice that Columbo himself was still pretty basic as a character when I compare this season with the episodes of the second season I’ve seen so far.

My favorite case, if I would have to choose from the season, would be episode 8 (6 if one doesn’t count the pilot eps into the first season), “Short Fuse”. Compared to the other episodes, the “cigar bomb” stands out as the most unconventional murder weapon and the bad guy was a bit of a kook (for lack of a better word).

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