Saving a Port – Chrono Trigger (Steam)

Back in March, I made a post about how horrible the Steam port of Chrono Trigger is… and now it’s time I follow up on that. Consider me pleasantly shocked: Square Enix actually remedied the situation and fixed the problems with the port!

Since the original release there have been 4 updates to the game, the most recent on the 27th of June. Each update addressed several of the complaints from the original release.

There were two main areas that needed fixing. The first one were the graphics: While the badly filtered sprites are still present in the game, the game now defaults to the old pixelated look, which is fine even on a big monitor (certainly better than the filtered ones). Though why anyone would choose the filtered look is beyond me.

The other big issue was the general interface. This was also greatly improved by replacing the font with a much better alternative, closer to the classic font. They also replaced the battle interface with something that’s pretty close to the original SNES one. Lastly they made some general improvements in terms of layout and handling to the interface with the newest patch.

Only one really small issue remains so far: when being asked to name the main characters, if you want to change the name, a text input window still pops up for you to write the name into. But given how rarely this happens, I can overlook it.

After having read enough on the updates, I did actually re-purchase it and have so far played it up to around the first bossfight in the future. I can confirm it works and looks fine, if you’re at all interested in a classic SNES JRPG with a great story, get it!

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