Reinstalling WordPress

Phew, the blog is back up! That… was a bit tricky.

The OS on my server needed a major update, which required me to reinstall WordPress and restore the data through Vaultpress. This turned out a bit more difficult than I would have thought. The basic setup of WordPress was easy, of course. But getting Vaultpress to work with the new server setup took longer than I would have thought, even with the FAQs and step-by-step instructions they supply for different setups.

Manually copying the last backup data from Vaultpress into the wordpress installation also caused some problems. All the posts etc were there again and I could log in with the old users, but I could not access the admin dashboard with any user. In the end I had to switch to SFTP instead of SSH in Vaultpress because in spite of some successful connections through the SSH method, the restore always failed with unhelpful messages. Through SFTP, the restore probably took significantly longer than it would have through SSH, but at least it worked.

I hope this’ll be the last of the problems and I can focus on publishing new posts again…

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