On the difficulty of games – A funny discovery

As I am in the process of reading through old issues of magazines I bought at the time (from 92 onwards), something caught my eye in the latest one (Gamers issue 4/92):

For the English readers, here’s the relevant part translated:

“Then there were big discussions on the topic of “how difficult is a game allowed to be?” Several readers thought for example that Kid Chameleon was far too difficult and complained that our “1-” rating was hopelessly exaggerated due to non-existent passwords. Other readers didn’t approve of the “1-” for Sonic, as they had beaten it within 2 days. Write us your opinion on the topic. We try to describe the difficulty of a game as accurately as possible in our reviews.”

Ah, those gamers today are just too entitled, am I right?

On a more serious note, this clearly confirms to me that the topic of a game’s difficulty has been a divisive one for a long time and is really nothing new.

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