Old Video Game Magazines – Video Games 02/91

The second issue of the magazine, released in June.




After the content index, the issue starts out with letters from readers. This is followed by the News segment containing several articles. First there’s a report on the ECTS in London and an article on Game Boy accessories. Coinciding with the release of the Sega Game Gear, this segment contains an article introducing the handheld, comparing it to the other available devices (the Game Boy, Lynx and PC-Engine GT) as well as listing several upcoming games. The rest of the News segment is mainly on upcoming games, except for the “Last Minute” box which mentions the Atari Panther console being in development. Next comes the Reviews segment which takes up most of the remaining pages. In the middle of the issue, there’s the “Tips & Tricks” segment, a market overview of available games for all console systems and an interview with Simon Freeman, the programmer of the Master System port of Populous, which was far superior to the Mega Drive port due to his involvement.


Rating in percent from 0 (worst) to 100 (best).


Super Mario Bros. 3: 95%
Mission: Impossible: 74%
Rygar: 67%
Racket Attack: 42%
Wrestlemania Challenge: 55%
World Cup: 56%
Solomon’s Key: 66%
Ghostbusters 2: 19%
Chessmaster: 78%
Pinball Quest: 54%
Swords and Serpents: 78%
Maniac Mansion: 84%

Game Boy

R-Type: 81%
Robocop: 52%
Burai Fighter: 64%
Kung-Fu Master: 52%
Batman: 80%
Castlevania: 81%
Dexterity: 59%
Dr. Mario: 83%
Flipull: 58%
Harmony: 68%
Gremlins 2: 68%
Bubble Bobble: 68%
Side Pocket: 60%
F1 Race: 72%
Bases Loaded: 70%
NBA Challenge: 55%
Skate or Die: Bad’n’Rad: 75%


Blockout: 74%
Warbirds: 61%

Master System

Golden Axe Warrior: 81%
Moonwalker: 59%
Castle of Illusion: 82%
Spiderman: 65%
Heavyweight Champ: 30%
Speedball: 47%
Psycho World: 69%
World Class Leader Board: 82%
Populous: 88%

Mega Drive

Alien Storm: 76%
Sonic the Hedgehog: 79%
Gain Ground: 61%
Arrow Flash: 58%
Midnight Resistance: 68%
Verytex: 66%
Dick Tracy:  73%
Tiger Heli: 80%
Super Airwolf: 63%
PGA Tour Golf: 85%
Joe Montana Football: 69%
James Pond: 66%
King’s Bounty: 70%
Fatal Labyrinth: 60%
688 Attack Sub: 66%


1943: 69%
Jackie Chan: 82%
Final Match Tennis: 91%
Puzzle Boy: 76%
Legend of Hero Tonma: 70%

Super Famicom

Darius Twin: 70%
Big Run: 36%
Hole in One: 37%

Next Issue Preview

The preview page for next issue (to be released in September) includes the announcement of a comparison review between the Game Boy, Game Gear and Lynx handhelds. In terms of games, the page mentions World Ice Hockey (Game Boy), Marble Madness (NES), Phantasy Star 3 (Mega Drive), Vindicators (Lynx) and Strider (Master System).

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