Old Video Game Magazines – Video Games 01/91

The first ever issue of the magazine, released in March of 1991. Created to be a special for the “Power Play” magazine that focused on computer games, this magazine was for all video game consoles and handhelds popular at the time and in the end ran for 10 years.




The first two news pages are on upcoming titles for the Atari Lynx, they are followed by a page on the Nuremberg toy fair. Then there’s a page on Acclaim games, specifically Double Dragon 3 and The Simpsons (Bart vs the Space Mutants). Golden Axe Warriors gets its own page with screenshots.

The news section is rounded out with 3 pages of several shorter articles.

The Best Games

As there have been lots of game releases before the release of this premiere issue, this segment lists 10 games per system (except for the Atari Lynx, which only gets 5 games due to a significantly smaller library available for the system) which in the eyes of the team are the best at the time.

Game Boy: Tetris, Tennis, Super Mario Land, Kwirk, Castlevania: The Adventure, Nemesis, Dr. Mario, Puzznic, Chessmaster and Bomber Boy.

Master System: R-Type, Phantasy Star, Wonderboy 3, Wonderboy in Monsterland, California Games, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Shanghai, Power Strike, Shinobi and Golvellius.

Mega Drive: The Revenge of Shinobi, Klax, Thunder Force 3, Populous, Musha Aleste, Mickey Mouse, Hellfire, Phantasy Star 2, Sokoban and Gouls’n’Ghosts.

NES: Ice Hockey, Super Mario Bros., Probotector, Tetris, Zelda 2: Adventure of Link, Legend of Zelda, Gradius, Punch-Out, R.C. Pro-AM and Life Force.

PC-Engine: World Court Tennis, Klax, R-Type, Son Son 2, Mr. Heli, Galaga ’88, Dragon Spirit, PC Gengin, Puzznic and Bomber Man.

Lynx: Klax, Shanghai, Chip’s Challenge, Road Blasters and Slime World.


Rating in percent from 0 (worst) to 100 (best).


Gauntlet 2: 80%
Probotector: 88%
Days of Thunder: 29%
Solar Jetman: 41%
Road Blasters: 76%
Paperboy: 60%
Defender of the Crown: 52%
Guardian Legend: 76%
Snake Rattle N Roll: 72%
Super Off Road: 62%
Arch Rivals: 56%
Jack Nicklaus: 60%

Game Boy

Spiderman: 53%
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: 68%
Bomber Boy: 80%
QIX: 55%
Paperboy: 33%
Balloon Kid: 55%
Gargoyle’s Quest: 80%
Fortress of Fear: 68%
Motocross Maniacs: 73%
Chase H.Q.: 44%
Chessmaster: 81%
Kwirk: 85%
Puzznic: 82%
Revenge of the Gator: 71%
King of the Zoo: 30%
Final Fantasy: 77%


Shanghai: 85%
Rygar: 55%
Slime World: 72%

Master System

Gauntlet: 66%
Dick Tracy: 62%
E-Swat: 32%
Ghouls’n’Ghosts 38%
Pac-Mania: 67%
Wonderboy 3: The Dragon’s Trap: 83%
Impossible Mission: 70%

Mega Drive

Crackdown: 57%
Musha Aleste: 85%
Elemental Master: 81%
Shadow Dancer: 75%
Strider: 75%
Gaiares: 76%
Tournament Golf: 70%
Castle of Illusion:  82%
Hard Drivin’: 57%
Ishido: 82%
Phantasy Star 2: 82%
Sword of Vermilion: 71%


Aero Blasters: 81%
Violent Soldier: 80%
Out Run: 62%
Bomber Man: 84%

Super Famicom

Super Mario World: 94%
Final Fight: 73%
Gradius 3: 72%
Pilot Wings: 77%
F-Zero: 85%

Next Issue Preview

Besides more game reviews, the next issue is promising a look at the soon to be released Sega Game Gear.

Games mentioned are World Class Soccer (Lynx), Skate or Die (Game Boy), Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES), Might & Magic 2 (Mega Drive), Golden Axe Warrior (Master System) and Legend of Hero Tonna (PC-Engine).

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