Old Video Game Magazines – Gamers 05/93

The August/September issue, released in July.




The News section is a bit longer this issue, but still only 1 ½ pages. Besides the entry about the train visiting 30 German cities for the preliminaries of the Sega Championship, it’s all about upcoming games. To accompany the 2-page report on the Mega CD (now finally about to be released in Germany), there are several game previews in this issue.

Speaking of previews, there are several pages about the Chicago Summer CES in this issue. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a 1 ½ page report on the Jurassic Park movie and upcoming games for it. The last report in this issue is a page on the Gamers Championship.


Rating spectrum: 1 (best) to 6 (worst), with possible + and – modifiers. Award possible for the best game: “Gamy of the Month”

Mega Drive

Shining Force (1-, Gamy of the Month Award), Micro Machines (2-), Rocket Knight Adventures (1-), Sunset Riders (4-), Mortal Kombat (3+), Summer Challenge (2), Jungle Strike (2+), King of the Monsters (4)

Master System

Powerstrike 2 (1-), Krusty’s Fun House (4+)

Game Gear

Galaga 2 (2)

Next Issue Preview

The preview for next issue – to be released in September – consists of a few game mentions, nothing really significant this time. Titles mentioned are Ultimate Soccer, Street Fighter 2 (potential preview), The Ottifants, Thunderhawk and Jurassic Park.

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