Old Video Game Magazines – Gamers 04/92

The August/September issue, released in July.




This issue has a big report on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), 7 pages long. The first 4 pages cover the game announcements of the different companies in general. This is followed by a page describing current developments with the different console companies in general, like Nintendo having a CD-ROM of their own in the works. There’s also a passage about PCs, stating that CD-ROMs are becoming established. After a one-and-a-half-page long list of all mentioned titles, the report ends with a box about the Mega CD, talking about its upcoming US release and what titles are going to be available for it in the near future.

Sega Championship

In June of 1992, the Sega Championship tournament was held to determine the best German Sega gamer. The event was hosted by the Gamers team (though I’d imagine Sega contributed to it, but I can’t find any further info or details about the event), with around 150 candidates qualified to enter. The event itself went on from 10am until after 5pm when the after-show started. The winner of the tournament was Reza Abdolali and by winning he qualified for the European Championship that was held in London a month later.


This time the news section was only one page long, mentioning Vampire (MS), Paperboy (GG), Space Gun (MS) and a  Calippo (a freezie brand) advertisement game that you could get by sending a post card to the Gamers team. This was kind of off-topic for the magazine, since you could get the game either for the Amiga or the C64. The “Ultra shorts” mention a rumour about Capcom and Konami planning to release games for Segas consoles, a price cut for the Mega Drive, a rumour that an adaptation of Disney’s “Jungle Book” was in the works for all Sega systems and the upcoming release of Landstalker for the Mega Drive in Japan. The bottom part of the page mentions that the Acclaim games reviewed last issue have all been delayed until September / October.

As a special mention the news page has a box announcing a Laserdisc based console from Sega that is supposed to be released in Japan the next year. This did come true, though from what I could find, it did not leave much of an impact and hardly any games were released for the system. Contrary to how the news item made it sound, it was a system exclusively for the arcades.


The first preview was a 2-page mix between a preview for Mega Turrican (for the Mega Drive, as the name pretty much made obvious) and a look behind the scenes at Factor 5, the German developer of the game. Besides that, there’s only one more preview in this issue, for Batman Returns, with a release planned for every Sega system.

Complaints Corner

The topic this time was lazy arcade ports, cashing in on popular names / licenses… well thank god we don’t have the problem of lazy ports anymore, am I right? Yeah… heh…. heh…. sigh.

“On Topic”

Terminator is the only special aside this time, prefacing the review of the Mega Drive and Master System adaptations of the movie.


Rating spectrum: 1 (best) to 6 (worst), with possible + and – modifiers.

Mega Drive

Zero Wing: 3
Taz-Mania: 2-
Terminator: 3-
Super Hydlide: 4-
Chuck Rock: 2-
Splatterhouse 2: 3
Galaxy Force: 5
Cadash: 2-
European Club Soccer: 2
Real Deal Boxing: 3
Bulls vs Lakers: 2
Hard Drivin’: 4-
Devilish: 4
Pac-Mania: 3-
Lemmings: 1-
Krusty’s Fun House: 3

Master System

Terminator: 3-
G-Loc: 4-
Chuck Rock: 3
Tom & Jerry: 4
Arcade Smash Hits: 3
Marble Madness: 3-

Game Gear

Aerial Assault: 3-
George Foreman’s KO Boxing: 3-
Olympic Gold: 3
Woody Pop: 4-
Chase H.Q.: 3-

The Rest

Tips & Tricks, “Toys”, Music, Classifieds… Encyclopedia games: Alex Kidd 1: Miracle World (Master System): 2, Alex Kidd 2: The Lost Stars (Master System):  3-, Alex Kidd 3: In High Tech World (Master System): 4, Alex Kidd 4: In Shinobi World (Master System): 3, Asterix (Master System): 2, Alien Storm (Master System): 4, Altered Beast (Master System): 5 and Alien Syndrome (Master System): 4-.


The preview for the next issue is very short this time, taking up maybe a quarter of the page. The rest of the page is taken up by humorous notes on things like “how to get the developers to finish a game on time” and the edition notice. Reviews for Prince of Persia (Master System), Paperboy (Game Gear) and Team USA Basketball (Mega Drive) are announced and the possibility of lifting the secret on a “new Sega-Hero”.

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