Old Video Game Magazines – Gamers 04/93

The June/July issue, released in May.




The News Shorties return after being absent last issue. The 2 games with their separate entries are F-15 2 for the Mega Drive and Willy Beamish for the Mega-CD. An additional “Last Minute” box mentions upcoming releases from Core Design (Chuck Rock 2 (MD) and Thunderhawk (MCD)) and Factor 5 (Mega Turrican soundtrack). 2 hardware-related entries are about an RGB-Switcher by Wolfsoft and the Amstrad Mega PC. The last entry talks about a “SEGA train” going through 30 cities in Germany for the SEGA Euro Championship qualifiers.


There are 2 reports in this issue, the first being a 6-page report on the ECTS in London and all the games for the Sega systems that could be found there.

The second one is a 2-page exclusive report on the currently in development “Lawnmower Man 2” game.


Summer Challenge (Mega Drive), Shining Force (Mega Drive), Chuck Rock 2 (Mega Drive), Rocket Knight Adventures (Mega Drive), Home Alone (Master System), Jungle Strike (Mega Drive)

 “On Topic”

The aside this issue is on the Flintstones


Rating spectrum: 1 (best) to 6 (worst), with possible + and – modifiers. Award possible for the best game: “Gamy of the Month”.

Mega Drive

Cool Spot: 1- (Gamy of the Month)
Flashback: 1-
Humans: 2-
MIG 29: 3-
Super Kick Off: 3-
Mutant League Football: 3
The Flintstones: 2-
Championship Pro-AM: 3+
Fatal Fury: 3+
Hardball 3: 2
Captain America and the Avengers: 4
Battletoads: 3

Master System

The Flash: 3
Streets of Rage: 2-

Game Gear

Evander Holyfield Read Deal Boxing: 4+
Talespin: 4
Land of Illusion: 1
Tom & Jerry: 3+

The Rest

“Toys”, Tips & Tricks, “Listen Up”, Classifieds

Next Issue Preview

Long delayed, next issue is supposed to feature an in depth look at the Mega CD. Games mentioned are Thunderhawk (Mega-CD), Summer Challenge (Mega Drive), Street Fighter 2 (Mega Drive), WWF Royal Rumble (Master System and Game Gear) and Superman (Master System and Game Gear). Release date for the issue: 23rd of July.

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