Old Video Game Magazines – Gamers 03/93

The April/May issue, released in March. Due to the release date this is essentially the 1-year anniversary issue. The editorial at the beginning announces 3 newcomers: Julian Eggebrecht, Reza Abdolali (who should be familiar to readers of the previous issues, as he won the Sega Euro Championship) and Carsten Schmitz. In the CES report we learn that Torsten Oppermann, who was previously part of the Gamers team, was now Product Manager at Sega Germany.




Once a year Las Vegas hosts the Winter CES (Consumer Electronics Show). On 3 pages the Gamers team lists quite a few games that were present at the show. Sega themselves mainly showed Mega-CD games, as they had finally released the console in the US some months ago. Other companies showed a mix, but mainly focused on the Mega Drive, Mega CD and Game Gear. The Master System wasn’t playing a big role anymore (though it was never very popular in the US in comparison).


Cool Spot (Mega Drive), Shinobi 3 (Mega Drive), Mega Turrican (Mega Drive) and Land of Illusion (Game Gear).


Rating spectrum: 1 (best) to 6 (worst), with possible + and – modifiers. Newly added in this issue: the award “Gamy of the Month”, given to the best game of the month, just as the name suggests.

Mega Drive

Global Gladiators: 1-
Tiny Toons: 1-
Super Fantasy Zone: 3
James Bond: The Duell: 3-
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist:  2-
Outrun 2019: 3-
Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing: 3
Captain Planet: 3
Chakan: 4
Cyborg Justice: 3-
Rolo to the Rescue: 1-
Another World: 3

Master System

James Bond: The Duell: 4
California Games 2: 4-
Rainbow Islands: 3
Arielle, the little Mermaid: 3

Game Gear

Home Alone: 3-
Super Off Road: 3
Tom & Jerry: 3


A 1-page interview with David Perry.

“Unter der Lupe” / “Closely Examined”

After multiple delays, this issue finally presets us with the Joystick-/Joypad-Review. Several items are reviewed and given a score:

Power Clutch SG (3-), Sega Mega Fire (3), Apollo Pro Stick (2-), Arcade Power Stick (3), Genistick (4-), Pro-2 Joypad (3-), XE-8 (5) and Gizmo Stick (4).

The Rest

Tips & Tricks, Classifieds, “Listen Up”.


And the next trade show coming up: this time the ECTS in London. Exclusive news on the Mega CD are teased as well as a preview for a Sherlock Holmes game. Other reviews planned are X-Men for the Mega Drive, Streets of Rage for the Master System, Fatal Fury for the Mega Drive and Captain America for the Mega Drive.

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