Old Video Game Magazines – Gamers 02/93

The February/March issue, released in January. Lots of things shown in the preview of the last issue did NOT happen, due to varying reasons. Staff-related issues caused the Joystick/Joypad-Review to be delayed AGAIN, while most of the games listed did not release on time.




Shorties for Power Athlete (Mega Drive), Cyborg Justice (Mega Drive), Bubsy – Claws Encounters (Mega Drive) and Outrun 2019 (Mega Drive) make up most of the single news page.

The “Ultra Shorts” start with a speculation on if Street Fighter 2 is going to come out for the Mega Drive, since a 6 button Joypad was sighted in Sega’s development labs. The second item is an announcement of a Captain Planet game for the Mega Drive and the column ends with an apology that “Star Trek” was misspelled “Star Treck” in the last issue.

The closing item for the news page is the announcement that the “4 in 1” cartridge reviewed last issue is not going to be sold separately after all, instead Sega has decided to use it as the pack-in cart for the Game Gear.


Battletoads for the Game Gear, Flashback for the Mega Drive, Wimbledon 2 for the Master System and Rainbow Islands for the Master System.

“On Topic”

The special asides in this issue are Home Alone 2 (though  the game reviewed in the issue is about the first movie…), Batman Returns and a 2-pager on Dolphins to accompany the Ecco review.


Rating spectrum: 1 (best) to 6 (worst), with possible + and – modifiers.

Mega Drive

Side Pocket: 2
Home Alone: 3
Batman Returns: 4-
LHX Attack Chopper: 2-
Ecco the Dolphin: 2-
Streets of Rage 2: 2-
Terminator 2: 5
Ex-Mutants: 3
G-Loc: 4-
Thunderforce 4: 2
Talespin: 3-
PGA Tour Golf 2: 1-
Risky Woods: 3

Master System

Batman Returns: 2
Land of Illusion: 1
GP Rider: 2
Alien 3: 2
Master of Darkness: 3

Game Gear

Batman Returns: 2
Shinobi 2: 2
Sonic 2: 2-
Alien 3: 2-

The Rest

“Listen Up”, “Toys”, Tips & Tricks, Classifieds… Encyclopedia games: Buck Rogers (Mega Drive): 2-, Burning Force (Mega Drive): 3, Castle of Illusion (Master System): 1- and Chess (Master System): 2-


The next issue releases in March, reports on the CES in Las Vegas and the Nuremberg toy fair are planned, as well as one on the visit to Sega’s “Infoservice” and one on the first CD-based games released in the USA. Planned reviews are on Land of Illusion (Game Gear), Arielle (Game Gear), “Battle Toats” (Game Gear) (a funny way to write “Battletoads”), Evander Holyfield Boxing (Game Gear) and Chakan the Forever Man (Game Gear and Mega Drive).

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