Old Video Game Magazines – Gamers 01/93

The December/January issue, released in November.




Games mentioned on the news page: Revenge of Shinobi 2 (Mega Drive), Ninja Gaiden (Mega Drive), California Games 2 (Master System) and Road Riot (Mega Drive). Additionally, a delay of the title “Chiki Chiki Boys” is announced, a review of which is contained in the issue, but the delay was announced too late, so they could not remove the review.

The “Ultra Shorts” contain an announcement that Amstrad is going to be creating a Mega Drive / PC combo-system, an announcement that LDG/Softwarecorner is planning to stop Sega’s plans of the Laserdisc console (mentioned in the news of the previous issue), because they have patents on Laserdiscs as a game medium. The last short is announcing the Game Genie for the Mega Drive, which should be familiar to many.

The last news item talks about Sega Europe’s plans of bringing more titles over from Japan, like Super Fantasy Zone and Two Crude Dudes.


In September the Autumn ECTS took place in London, 2 pages in the issue sum up what could be found there. The Accolade paragraph mentions that the lawsuit between Sega and Accolade ended with a win for Accolade, so they’ll be developing more Mega Drive titles in the future. The next segment on Active Enterprises mentions a rather infamous title: Action 52!


Only 2 game previews this issue: Street Fighter for the Mega Drive and Land of Illusion for the Master System (just called Mickey Mouse 2 in the issue).

Complaints Corner

This time the senior editor picks the recently delayed release of the Mega CD as the topic, rightly picking on the main reason: lack of available games. Even though Sega made big announcements, up to this point not much of that materialized. According to some sources of the senior editor, a major reason for this was that the hardware in the Mega CD wasn’t powerful enough and could not do what Sega promised, like the “3D-Chip” which was more of a “1½D “-Chip that helped make 3D a bit faster, but not significantly easier to program.

“On Topic”

As special asides this time we have American Football, Dream Team (the US Olympic basketball team) and American Wrestling.


Rating spectrum: 1 (best) to 6 (worst), with possible + and – modifiers.

Mega Drive

World of Illusion: 1-
John Madden Football ’93: 1-
Super High Impact: 4
Team USA Basketball: 2
World Class Leaderboard: 2
Road Rash 2: 2
Alien 3: 2-
Lotus Turbo Challenge: 2-
Sonic 2: 1-
WWF Super Wrestlemania: 3
Indiana Jones and  the Last Crusade: 3
Mega-Lo-Mania: 2-
Galahad: 3
Bio-Hazard: 3
Talmit’s Adventure: 3-
Chiki Chiki Boys: 2

Master System

World Cup Soccer ’92: 3-
Sonic 2: 2
Lemmings: 2
Taz-Mania: 3
Trivial Pursuit: 2-
Rampar: 3

Game Gear

Defenders of Oasis: 2-
Ayrton Sennas Super Monaco GP 2: 3
4-in-1: 2-
Popils: 2-
Lemmings: 2

Readers Review

As a special, Gamers invited 3 readers to play the first fully playable version of Sonic 2 (around 6 weeks before it got released). The European champion visited as well. All of them thought the game was great and could hardly find fault with it.

The Rest

“Listen Up”, “Toys”, TV & Video, Tips & Tricks, Classifieds… Encyclopedia games: Battle Squadron (Mega Drive): 2-, Blockout (Mega Drive): 2-, Bonanza Bros. (Mega Drive): 3, Budokan (Mega Drive): 2-, Chase H.Q. (Master System): 2-, Cloudmaster (Master System): 3, Columns (Master System): 2- and Cyber Shinobi (Master System): 5


The Joystick and Joypad reviews are announced again, after being delayed significantly. As the issue is going to be out in January, there is going to be a “New Year Special” in it, going over plans for all Sega systems. A California special is also announced, to coincide with the upcoming release of California Games 2 on the Master System. As for game reviews, the preview page mentions Batman Returns (Mega Drive and Game Gear), World Tour Golf for the Master System, Revenge of Shinobi for the Mega Drive and Sidepocket for the Mega Drive.

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