Observations on GOG Diablo

So, now that Diablo is available on GOG, I played it a while and have noticed a few things.

The game does seem to run well, though I think the windowed mode is a bit inconvenient, as you can’t move it around. I prefer to play some games like this in a smaller window and move it out of the way of another window that I want to keep in view. With this, I can’t do that, but have to alt-tab away from the game to put the other window into view. The game launcher also tends to not show up on top of the other windows for me, so I have to switch to it. After quiting Diablo, the process also does not close (noticed this because Discord was still showing “playing Diablo” well after I quit). You have to go into the task manager and kill the Diablo.exe process.

Now to stuff in the game: The mouse behavior. Something really doesn’t seem right here. If I move the cursor to the right or bottom border and keep moving the mouse, the cursor seems to keep moving as well, so I have to move the mouse around quite a bit to get the mouse cursor back. This happens both in windowed and fullscreen mode.

Now to a really inconvenient thing with a game that is focused on loot and inventory management. This only happens in windowed mode: Every time I pick up an item or put it down in the inventory, the cursor moves to the top left of the window. This was especially annoying when I happened to find a shrine that fills up every empty inventory space with a small amount of money.

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