Intellivision Amico – Another console enters the ring?

According to a recent reveal, Intellivision (older gamers might remember that name) is preparing to release a new console of their own – called Amico – in 2020. Looking at the basic data, this is obviously not targeted at the same crowd as the PS4 / Xbox One / Switch.

The Amico is supposed to release for a price of somewhere between $149 and $179, while games will be available for between $2.99 and $7.99 (no additional DLC or in-App purchases). The controllers seem rather unique, kind of like a modern rendition of the controllers the Intellivison had back in the 80s.

All of the games are supposed to be exclusive for the console, with some re-imaginings of classic Intellivison titles already announced and included with the console. I wonder what other titles are going to be there (over 20 on launch is the claim)

Past announcements of classic consoles have made me pretty sceptical when another one comes along, so I’ll be believing this when it actually hits the shelves. But for the sake of speculation, given the price of the console and the games themselves… I could actually see this having some moderate success, if the catalog of games is solid enough. Obviously this won’t be for the hardcore crowd, but as a casual console, it sets itself apart enough from the rest, has actual EXCLUSIVES and the controller certainly seems simpler (mainly the disc and a touchscreen, which seems like it could be easier to get used to for casual pick-up and play).


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  1. MaChao says:

    As a professional cynic, i’m a bit less optimistic.
    The casual crowd seems to be dead-set on the mobile market. The plethora of free games on a device you always have around anyways seems to be unbeatable in that regard.
    Heck, even the Ouya couldn’t really convince people, and it was an android based system, meaning ports are pretty much a non issue if you can retool your app for button controls.

    I wish them the best of luck, but i just don’t see it happening. At best, it will pick up those who can actually remember the Collecovision brand out of curiosity, but to get casuals off of their phones and hardcore gamers off of their established platform of choice, when all platforms have an exceptionally string run at the moment… it would take more than brand loyalty. Let’s wait and see.

    1. ColdDeath says:

      Well, the Ouya had a lot of problems, the “if you CAN retool your app for button controls” is one, those same apps being available on pretty much every single Android device is another, which really gave you no incentive in terms of buying them again. There were also pretty much no exclusives there, maybe a handful if that? And those didn’t exactly stand out…

      I’m definitely sceptical, but compared to previous offerings like the Ouya, this seems to at least have SOME thought behind it 😉

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