Highlights Nintendo Direct September 13th 2017

On September 13th 2017, Nintendo released a Direct presentation on upcoming 3DS and Switch titles. I am not going to go through it all step by step, but list the entries that were my highlights or that I found noteworthy. If you are interested, you can watch the whole 45 minutes of the presentation here: <Click>.

4 Atlus 3DS RPGs coming to the West: The Alliance Alive (Early 2018), Etrian Odyssey V (Demo released on the 13th), Strange Journey Redux (Early 2018) and Radiant Historia (Early 2018) have been confirmed for release in the West.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Release date confirmed for December 1st 2018. New gameplay footage could be seen, introducing more of the world and setting. The Special Edition and a themed Pro Controller was shown. I am looking forward to this game the most out of all that was shown.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Lyn was introduced to be a playable character and the Special Edition was shown. The game releases October 20th.

Skyrim: Port number 948 of Skyrim now has a release date: November 17th.

Doom and Wolfenstein 2: As a bit of a surprise, these 2 titles were announced as Switch releases. Doom will release in the holiday season, Wolfenstein 2 will be coming 2018.

Project Octopath (working title): More gameplay footage was shown and it was revealed that there are 8 different characters to choose from that each have a different story start. The battle system has a “Boost System” that seems similar to the system in Bravely Default. A demo for the game was released shortly after the Direct, the release was announced to be simultaneous worldwide in 2018.

Kirby Star Allies: The game was first shown in the E3 Direct (then under the working title “Kirby”) and has been confirmed for Sprint 2018.

Super Mario Odyssey: More gameplay footage was shown as well as a Switch hardware bundle, with themed Joy-Cons and a themed carrying case. The game is coming out October 27th.

Several other titles were also shown, some of them new, but they were either not of interest to me or nothing of note was said (just the already known release date mentioned) about it.


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