Experience Review – DXRacer OH/RX0/NW Chair

In January 2014 I bought this chair because the previous one was several years old and the padding had definitely been worn out through daily usage. Since I wanted a good quality chair and had a reasonable budget for it, the DXRacer brand seemed like a good fit.


Putting the chair together was pretty straightforward from what I remember, there aren’t too many parts to it and they fit together neatly when I put them together. I was done after around half an hour, doing it alone and not being in much of a hurry.

Experience in practice

After now more than one and a half years, I can say that I am definitely fond of the chair. It is quite comfy and sturdy, showing hardly any wear & tear. The only “incident” I had was after around a year, one of the armrests didn’t stay in position any more and would slide down on its own. But after a simple e-mail to DXRacer, they promptly sent me a replacement free of hassle and charge, definitely a plus for them.


At this point, I can definitely recommend this chair (or an equivalent by DXRacer, if this specific one is not available any more. They have different models, depending on size and weight of the user), if you got the budget for it. They are definitely not cheap (mine cost around 300€), but from what I can tell so far, it should last a good while. So, two thumbs up from me.

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