E3 2018 – Ubisoft Press Conference

Ubisoft’s press conferences have been pretty solid the last few years and this year wasn’t an exception.

Thankfully they got Just Dance out of the way right at the start (though the dance number they did was entertaining enough for the present audience), cause that’s pretty much the least interesting title and really doesn’t even NEED to be there. No one that doesn’t know the game will get it because of the press conference and everyone else is already covered… ah well.

Presentation of the games was nicely done, ranging from Elijah Wood talking about Transference, the small stunt before the Trials Rising introduction or the surprise of Star Fox and the Arwing being in Starlink (and Miyamoto actually being at the event again!).

actually showing up at the end of the Beyond Good & Evil 2 trailer was a nice touch, too.

Other games shown were The Crew 2, For Honor, The Division 2 and Skull & Bones.

The bookend was of course the new Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, set in Greece this time (as we knew from speculation and the teaser beforehand). Ubisoft showed a good chunk of gameplay this time and they didn’t even need to switch over to a different room were two people were shown playing it beforehand. Lesson learned there, Ubisoft, I guess.

Overall this was a good press conference, so, well done Ubisoft! I hope they keep this performance up.

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