E3 2018 – Devolver “Press Conference”

Alright, now THIS was FUN! Short and entertaining, that’s pretty much what this fake press conference was, making fun of… well, essentially everything and everyone. Loot Boxes, the tendency of gamers to buy them, how the industry does press conferences, the “classic mini” consoles, you name it.

And in the short 20 minutes they took, three games were announced: Scum, My Friend Pedro and – as the highlight / fan favorite – Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

After the rather boring / bad Bethesda conference, this was the perfect contrast / pick-me-up, that was the most I laughed at a press conference in a long time (though admitedly I did not catch last years Devolver event)! If you had to watch one of the press conferences belatedly… choose this one, you won’t regret it.

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