E3 2018 – Bethesda Press Conference

Well… that wasn’t good… (partially not Bethesda’s fault though)

To be fair, both Rage 2 and Fallout 76 were leaked/announced before the conference… but both games don’t seem all that interesting to me either. Rage 2 might be better than the impression it gave, but Fallout 76 I could not care less about with the confirmation that it’s an online-only multiplayer-focused title (even better: they recently announced that there are not going to be any AI NPCs, only robots and other human player characters). I wish them good luck with it, but that is a pretty big departure from what all the previous Fallout games did, remains to be seen how the general target market reacts to it.

Most of the other games shown I have no interest in, though the segment were they poked fun at the “Skyrim ported to every system” meme gave me a chuckle (and the Alexa-app even turned out to be a thing, though I have not tried it out).

The other 2 “big” announcements – Skyfall and Elder Scrolls 6 – did not get anything more than a teaser image, shown as the last two entries of the conference. While it’s nice to know that they are working on a completely new IP that is single-player focused, the Elder Scrolls 6 announcement was kind of… duh? Who exactly thought that they WOULDN’T be doing a new Elder Scrolls?

*puts this press conference on the “worst conference” pile together with EA*

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