DC Titans 2018 – After 3 Episodes

If you are into DC Comics superheroes and the TV / movie adaptations related to them, you have probably seen the trailer for the new Titans series. To put it lightly, it did not exactly garner a positive reaction, unless mocking (”Fuck Batman”) counts. It made the series look like it’s gonna be very “grim-dark edgy”, the costume design – except for Robin – didn’t look good and the CG was kind of iffy, though that is to be expected on a TV series budget. Due to (morbid) curiosity and since I am generally interested in the characters, so far I watched the first three episodes of the series… and I can say, it’s really not bad, whoever made those trailers should not be allowed near that job again.

The series certainly isn’t perfect, of course. The brutality of the fights is gonna be a personal preference issue, though it didn’t bother me and in regards to Robin, that seems to be part of his story-line, which I’ll be interested to see how they resolve that. On the upside, the fights are nicely done overall. Starfire’s story arc starts with her having amnesia due to a car crash, which I’m not a big fan of generally. But to the series’ credit, they don’t make her passive pretty much at all due to that fact, she acts on each bit of information while trying to regain her memory and it doesn’t look like they’ll be dragging it out too much (at least I hope so).

The story-lines in general are building up and connecting decently now after 3 episodes, most of the characters got their share of screen time, except for Beast Boy who has been in just around 3 scenes. I do hope they use him better going forward, though I can imagine they kept him back to not overuse their CG budget right at the start. While I don’t know how faithful the series is to the characters (haven’t really watched or read anything Titans-related in the past), I didn’t mind their portrayal so far.

To address what was probably the most controversial point that came up in the past, the costumes: Yes, Starfire looked bad in those set shots and she does have that costume in the first episodes, but there is a story-reason for her to be wearing those clothes and it is likely not going to be her main costume for much of the series/season, from what the three episodes have shown.

So to sum up, by far not as bad as the trailers made me fear and I’m going to keep watching the series to see where it goes.

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