Currently (Re)Playing: Final Fantasy 15 (7)

During the last sessions I continued the main story up to the point where I have the material I need to repair the boat and continue on to the island. Also completed several sidequests along the way.

I’m still enjoying the game on this second playthrough, finding new content here and there (the camp quest with Ignis’ glasses, the treasure map part and infiltrating the forts) that I missed or didn’t do on the original playthrough (pretty sure it was all in the game at the time already, though not 100% sure given how much they added since then). The Cup Noodles quest was still just as ridiculous as it was the first time I stumbled upon it, you can tell by the delivery of the voice actors that they thought so, too. Not sure if I’ll use the off-road version of the Regalia during the playthrough, I might have a look at it during “post-game”, but the flying version interests me more (also because that upgrade gives the Regalia unlimited fuel). In general I like the ability to upgrade the car, though the smaller upgrades don’t seem to have that much of an effect in terms of speed (the tuel tank upgrade was definitely noticable). Looking forward to continuing the main storyline to see how much changed compared to the old console version, but I’ll get as much as possible of the side quest / Royal Arms stuff done before continuing.

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