Currently (Re)Playing: Final Fantasy 15 (6)

Main Quest Progress

After discussing a plan in a nearby camp, the party infiltrated the Empire base at night, destroyed some Magitek soldiers and mechs to get the Regalia back. When they reached it, Lunas’ brother arrived, but he was stopped by Ardyn. After returning to Lestallum, they learned about Jareds’ death at the hand of Niflheim, so the party decided to travel to Cape Caem with Iris. On the way there, the party noticed that another Imperial base got a mobile generator and decided to clear out that base (as payback for Jared). Before exiting from the base again, the party got confronted by Aranea and had to beat her back. Once that was done, the drive to Cape Caem continued (with some scenic stops in between). At the destination we met Cindy and Cid.

Side Quests and Exploration

Cleared out 2 dungeons with a Royal Arm at the end, both had to be visited for the Sania questline. Along the way I found components for 3 weapon upgrades. Vyv got a photo of the island he wanted, Dave got some more dog tags and I hunted for some more monster bounties.

Next up: more sidequests and looking for material to repair the boat

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