Currently (Re)Playing – Final Fantasy 15 (3)

Main Quest Progress

Not much this time, after failing to get close to the disc (there was a blockade), I continued to Lestallum to visit Gladios’ sister, Iris. There, Noct got a headache coupled with some kind of vision during an earth tremor. The next morning Iris showed Noct around the city and when we returned to the rest of the party, we got some info on the next Royal Arm that is supposedly behind a nearby waterfall.

Next up: The third Royal Arm

Side Quests and Exploration

Collected some more stones for Dino, frogs for Sania and searched for some Chocobos to either check up on them or rescue them. In one area I stumbled upon some interesting tower ruins that turned out to be an entrance to a dungeon.  At first, I waited around until night time to enter it (there was a note with the info that the entrance opens at night inside the tower), but quickly turned back when I saw that the dungeon had a recommended level of 55 (liiiitle bit too high for me just yet).

Next up: Helping merchants.

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