Currently (Re)Playing – Final Fantasy 15 (2)

Main Quest Progress

Completed the first quest for Dino (the reporter) at the dock (had to sneak around a rather large bird while doing this part). Later I returned to continue to the next chapter. This is about where the climax of the Kingsglaive movie happens (the game shows some glimpses of it) and after a night’s rest, the party reads about it in the newspaper. On the way back to the city, there’s a blockade and after looking around I get the info to return to Hammerhead. In the area north-east of the Hammerhead gas station I collected the first two Royal Arms (the second one was in a dungeon). They give a nice stat-boost when equipped (though the axe does reduce defence significantly, as I have noticed) As the last part of the session I prevented the building of a new blockade nearby.

Next up: To Lestallum.

Side Quests and Exploration

This session included several side quests. First, I collected some dog tags, then I looked for two items for the Regalia (relatively minor ones, but an improvement is an improvement). Takka needed some food items for the kitchen. Along the way I also visited the dungeon in the north-east ahead of time (before the Royal Arms quest line was started), which at least game me some nice XP. On the way to Lestallum I made a detour to unlock Chocobo renting (had to beat up a pretty big monster for that).

Next up: Collecting frogs and stones.

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