Currently (Re)Playing – Final Fantasy 15 (1)

Having originally played this game on the PS4 when it released, I am now playing through the recently released Windows Edition, to see how all the updates and DLC released since then changed the game (really liked the original release already).

This first post combines the first two play-sessions, as they were each pretty short (first one due to the download time of the high-resolution texture pack).

In the first session I only completed the first quest for repairing the Regalia (the car used to travel the map). After a short while of getting re-acquainted with the controls, everything went pretty well again. Performance-wise I am running the game on 4K with the “High” pre-set which seems to do around 40fps on my machine (older Intel i7 CPU with a GTX 1080 graphics card), satisfactory for me.

In the second session I completed some side-quests, another hunt quest, caught a fish and continued the main quest line until I reached the dock where a boat is supposed to bring us to Lunafreya, Noctis’ (the main character) bride-to-be. So, story-wise not much has happened yet, this is still “prologue-territory”, so to speak. If you have watched the Kingsglaive movie that was made for the game, you know what’s coming soon.

Next up: The story makes a bit of a turn, more side-quests, the world opens up more and… Chocobos.

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