Currently Playing – Anvil of Dawn (2)

Bit shorter than last session, but some progress was made.

Continued going through the Iron Titan area and found the switch to disable the anti-magic field where the giant head blocked my way. After shrinking it down and going down a level, I continued until I found the torso. Shrinking that down too, the man was a bit dismayed that his legs were still gigantic, but at least I could continue the search. While exploring the level, I fell down a pit, finding the second enemy type of the area. It looks like some kind of floating genie made of gold dust or sand, something like that. To top it off the enemy throws bees at you as a close-range attack, some of which also disperse when you kill it.

Next up: Given that the area is called Iron Titan, I think it’s very likely I’ll be able to secure some “invincible iron” (as the riddle called it) for the quest, after I shrunk down the unfortunate man’s legs as well.

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