Currently Playing – Anvil of Dawn (1)

This first post in the “Currently Playing” series won’t be from the start of Anvil of Dawn, as I already put several hours into the game before the idea popped into my head. But from this point on I am going to summarize what I am playing, what happens during play-sessions, thoughts I have during the session and the like.

This session I finished the Sanctuary area and got another item for the main quest, so I was ready to cross the scar and seek the next area. While looking around the outside area I found 2 things: First a small area hidden behind a waterfall with a mage hiding inside. He taught me a spell, so that was a good encounter. The second one wasn’t so positive: I met another one of the other characters I could have chosen, strapped to a giant wooden “X”, almost dead. Before passing away, he warned me to not go to Gorge Keep. So, the game is definitely keeping up its dark tone… that’s now 2 out of the 5 characters dead. The mission to stop the Warlord could be going better.

After that warning, I chose to go to Gorge Keep, to see how difficult it would actually be… turns out it wasn’t that bad. Sure, there were quite a few enemies there, but one on one they were comparatively weak. After freeing the former commander of the Keep from his icy prison, I cleared out the area and continued crossing the bridge over the scar. The Iron Titan pretty much presented itself as the next target, so I went there. Interesting enemies here… kinda like spiders walking on the ceiling with big human heads. Besides that, nothing unusual… unless you’d call a giant head (still attached to a body that seems to be embedded into the floor) blocking one of the corridors unusual. Guess I better find a way to shrink him back to normal.

But that… will happen next session.  See you then.

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