Currently Playing: Actraiser (Day 2 – End)

After going through the Act 2 level in Bloodpool again, I bluntly beat down the second phase of the boss with magic and continued on to Kasandora. The first level here was a bit annoying, but doable and the boss went down after I cast the selected spell a few times. Building the city in Kasandora got me the item I needed for Bloodpool and later another item (the compass) that I could use in the first area to gain another life (so now I started out with 4 tries per Act before having to restart the Act completely). The second Act was an annoyance spike, with the boss also having some surprises up his sleeve (arrow shooters appear on the walls to the left and right out of nowhere).

After taking a break due to the Act 2 boss, I tried it again, this time barely succeeding by way of magical spell. Aitos though is where it ends. Not only is the level full of areas where you can fall to your death, but even the boss area only consists of a few small platforms above an instant death pit. Oh, and did I mention that the game does not replenish your magic points after you die? Yeah…

After losing all four lives on this run, this is where I end this game. The game probably has its fanbase, but after those levels… I’m not part of it.

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