Currently Playing: ActRaiser (Day 1)

To have a look at an older game again, I decided to try out ActRaiser on the SNES.

I could tell pretty early on that this potentially won’t be one of the titles I play through, but just as far as my motivation takes me. The first level wasn’t so bad, I got through it without losing a life, including beating the boss. The “city building” part afterwards was rather straightforward as well, the combination of these two parts definitely does make the game pretty unique, but… then came the second Act of the initial area. There was a significant difficulty spike and the segment just before the boss was annoying, requiring rather precise timing. Compared to the level itself, the boss of this Act was almost laughably easy.

Moving on to the second area, the pattern was pretty much the same, though the first Act was more difficult than the one in the beginning area. After completing enough of the city sim part, I tried the second act of the Bloodpool area, got to the boss after some difficulty and failed at the second form of the boss. That’s where I decided to end it for the first day. as I would have had to play through the entirety of the Act 2 level again.

Next up: Trying Bloodpool again.

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