Cold Games DB V2 Beta Version (Bugs can happen)

After working on the overhaul of this app for a while, I’ve decided to make the “In Development” version of it public.

NOTE: This is a beta version, so bugs are still a definite possibility, BACKUP YOUR FILES!

New Features / Changes compared to Version 1.x:

  • Overhauled main window and game edit window
  • Additional properties for games, like:
    • Set one Platform of a game as Main Platform
    • Series/Franchise
    • Replayability (e.g. “Multiple Endings”, “Branching Story” etc.)
    • Game Modes
    • Personal Best Time (in hours and minutes)
    • Game Progress now has additional Sub-Items per Progress Item and each Progress Item can have a Category
  • Importing Games from Cold Games DB Version 1.x  instead of converting the old files (so your old data stays safe)

NOTE: Pretty much all features from 1.x are in the beta, except a few stats graphs, so you shouldn’t be missing anything if you used 1.x before.

Click Once Installer (requires online connection during install, not when using the app, includes an  in-app updater, currently checks for a new version on each app start):
Download here

Standalone version (no in-app updater, might be added once the app is further along): Download here


Main Window

Game Edit Window

Import (from old file) Window