BlizzCon 2019 Thoughts

So, BlizzCon 2019 has started and after all that has happened these last several weeks, I was interested in what would actually happen… here are some of my thoughts so far:


There have been some Winnie the Pooh cosplayers spotted at the event, so they either didn’t ban that at all or just gave up at some point. Either way, that’s a plus in the entertainment factor.


At the start of the opening ceremony Blizzard’s president J. Allen Brack “apologized” for handling the Blitzchung controversy badly. Yeah… no, this “apology” rang very hollow, just some generic words on how they acted too quickly and waited too long to talk to everyone. Brushed over the issue effectively, didn’t even mention the specifics that happened (only a mention of a “tough Hearthstone esports moment”, nothing about Hong Kong or Blitzchung). Jumped far too quickly back to BlizzCon itself. Not off to a good start…

Diablo 4

Well here it finally is, the official announcement. Can’t say I’m really thrilled about what they have shown so far though. Sure, graphically it looked good (though color-wise I’m holding back judgement, it looked too gray, lacking color, but it was streamed footage, so that might look better live), but the other stuff didn’t exactly knock me off my feet. The new things (mounts, some more map-based mobility) aren’t exactly sequel-worthy if they don’t have a lot more in store that they haven’t shown yet. Online-only again, large open world to make it one step closer to an MMO… bleh. I know the game is still a few YEARS off, so a lot can change, but this… does not impress.

The Rest

The rest of the announcements I really didn’t care much about, though making a sequel to Overwatch seems kind of weird, especially with how much crossover there is still going to be with the first (new heroes are going to be in both games, multiplayer will be cross-game…). Also that new character Sojourn with that COMPLETELY ACCIDENTAL similarity to Sojourner Truth. It would be funny if it wasn’t so stupid how predictable these Overwatch announcements have become. “Oh, there’s a controversy going on? Announce that one of the characters is gay or make a new character that adds diversity points… GO TEAM!”

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