Backlog Battle: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

I’m glad my next step on the Backlog Battle went better than the first. In contrast to the previous game, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is exclusively single-player. According to Steam I now have played this game around 3.3 hours and I dare say I enjoyed them significantly more than Helldivers.

Type-0 HD is an action RPG that was originally released on the PSP (without the HD at the end of the name) in 2011. The HD Remaster was first released on PS4 and Xbox One in March of 2015 and on Steam a few months later, in August. You take control of a group of students that have trained to be an elite fighting force. In the missions you are sent on you are usually in control of a group of three students out of a larger group that you can choose from. Should one of the students die, one of the reserves can take the place, if there is at least one left. Battles are fought in real-time, with you controlling one of the students and the AI taking control of the other two. In between missions you can explore the academy, talk to people for side-quests and rewards…

So far, I enjoyed my time with this game. The story and setting certainly start out rather serious and a bit more brutal than one would expect for a Final Fantasy game (at least graphically), but it fits with the setting and I certainly don’t mind it. There are also some interesting aspects to the story that I am looking forward to seeing more about later (the memories of people are magically modified when someone dies, so that everyone specifically forgets everything about those dead). The missions were relatively simple and easy so far, but they’re supposed to get trickier later in the game, so I’m going to hold my judgment on that. One aspect of the missions that I opted out of are special challenges. While they give you bonuses if you succeed, your currently active lead character can die if you don’t, it didn’t seem worth it to me. Graphics and a few other things make it very clear that the game is an enhanced port of a handheld title (factors being things like low-polygon count in character models, low resolution textures in several spots, small areas and lots of loading screens, though at least the load times are short on my system). But that’s to be expected, it probably didn’t sell well enough to warrant a higher budget remake. I can’t say much on the characters yet, but they did already show differences in several personalities at least.

I am going to continue this game, I don’t know how high I am going to be putting it on the overall priority list though.

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