Anime Impressions – Overlord Season 1


Another “player is stuck in an MMO game” series, I hear you ask… well yes and no.

Compared to other shows like that, the scenario of Overlord has something special that I really like. For one it takes the scenario and limits it to one person (so far) and it happens not just during the regular game running time, but just when the game shuts down. And in further contrast, the main character is essentially a “bad guy” in terms of the in-game representation and how he goes on playing the game, not trying to save the world, but to spread his name and reputation. Saving people is essentially just a side-effect that happens while he goes about his business. The characters that surround him are all NPCs with their own personalities.

The first season doesn’t feature an epic story arc, as there are only 13 episodes, but the fight at the end of the season was quite neat and entertaining. Art and animation was generally pretty good. The other “bad guys” in the story are well done too, though the highlight is definitely the female assassin who was rather crazy and got what she deserved in the end.

Since Madhouse are actually continuing this series (even with a third season!), I’m looking forward to watching the continuation, though I’ll be waiting until season 3 finished at least.

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