Anime Impressions: “Black Clover” – NOPE’d outta there

Well this doesn’t happen often… but I actually quit watching this anime right after the first episode because I just couldn’t stand one of the characters.

It’s really kind of a shame, because I found the premise of the series pretty interesting, at least judging by the first episode. The animation was fine as well. But I could just not get past the voice and behavior of Asta (one of the main characters), those two things put together grated on my nerves too much. I pushed through the first episode, but decided I would not go any further.

It’s interesting that it took this long for that to happen to me. Over the years I have watched quite a few anime series/movies and while SOME of the characters could be annoying, their voices grating or maybe just a character trope that I dislike… it never got to the point that I outright quit the series because of it. It could be that I just don’t find a series interesting, not my genre or just bad or whatever… like for example Prince of Tennis. I could never bring myself to watch that series after having a quick look into it due to 1) it being a sports anime and 2) it being just too far over the top. But the voice actor of a character hasn’t annoyed me this much since… ever.

I guess I’m in the relative minority on that though with this series, since it’s still ongoing since 2017, at the time of writing up to episode 69, released just a few days ago. The overall rating on MyAnimeList is currently at 6.90 from almost 110 thousand users, so at least I haven’t been missing a GREAT series, judging by that.

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