My Gaming History (Part 2): The Switch

So, as I wrote in part 1, I had played my Game Gear for a few years until it broke and for a few months… that was it for gaming. I continued reading magazines, but with my – at the time very limited – budget (allowance was all I had, so saving up for a…

My Gaming History (Part 1): The Beginning

Update: slight corrections to the year dates that are probably more accurate now Gaming has been a part of so many people’s lives, me among them. Everyone has had their own individual and unique experience, from owning different systems to playing different games, preferring different genres, having friends that own other systems or the same, the…

Experience Review – DXRacer OH/RX0/NW Chair

In January 2014 I bought this chair because the previous one was several years old and the padding had definitely been worn out through daily usage. Since I wanted a good quality chair and had a reasonable budget for it, the DXRacer brand seemed like a good fit.

Cold Games Database 1.1

After some time of just using the app for keeping track of my own games, I got myself some more motivation to work on my little game collection organizer.